Make Sure Your Business is Connected.

Reach your customers more effectively with a website from TMP Directional Marketing

Some business owners still don’t think they need a website, or they haven’t updated their website in years. That way of thinking doesn’t hold up anymore.

More and more customers are looking for information about their purchases in multiple sources, such as Search Engines, Internet Yellow Pages, and local search sites such as Google Maps. In fact, an overwhelming 83% of B2B purchasers find their vendor online.1 All of these online sources need to point to something, and it should be your website.

A website is the constant advertisement you need…

With a website, your business is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to anyone with an Internet connection. Including a website in your marketing mix is a vital step to reach customers in your area and beyond. A website is not solely about selling online… it’s a source of information to customers who desire it, a way of connecting customers to you.

Your website can convey more information than a radio, newspaper and TV ad combined. Customers like to research products and services before they buy, especially online. A website is a crucial element needed to provide potential customers with the information they’re looking for.


1. Enquiro, Business to Business Survey, 2007

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